More resilient thanks to stress

Increase your mental and physical health

Turning stress from a burden into resilience: how do you go about it?

Thanks to this e-learning, you can learn to transform the potential obstacle that unhealthy stress often is into healthy resilience. In the e-learning "More resilient thanks to stress" you will be able to strengthen your mental and physical health because you will learn how to deal with stress in a healthy way.

As a result, you will be more energetic at work, improve your cooperation with colleagues, supervisors and clients and return home at the end of the day with a positive feeling. This course is a real boost for your creative brain as well as your energy.

Access to the e-learning is unlimited: You can go through the content at your own pace or refresh the course and the accompanying exercises as often as you like.

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What will you learn in this e-course?

With this e-learning:

- you will discover more about what stress is and how the mechanism works

- we talk about the difference between positive and negative stress

- we tell you about the risks of toxic stress and how you can recognise such stress signals

- you will discover which mindset you have: a growth mindset or a fixed mindset

- you will learn to manage stress using different techniques in order to achieve more comfort and resilience

- you will receive a lot of exercises that will be very helpful

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